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02.19 - 04.30.

Paperworks III: Landscape without Landscape / Landscape without landscape

Group exhibition with works by Chico Aragão, Claudia Fischer, João Grama, Marta Alvim

Folha de Sala / Handout: Paperworks III

05.12 - 09.30.

Sleeping Beauty

Exhibition by Pedro Sousa Vieira

out of town

Project Mario Macilau

Out of Town

Projeto de Mário Macilau

Folha de Sala / Handout: Pedro Sousa Vieira Sleeping Beauty & Mário Macilau Out of Town


ARCOLisboawith Mário Macilau, Pedro Calapez, Pedro Sousa Vieira

2016.10.20 - 01.07.2017

Under all of This

Exhibition by Cristina Ataíde, with text by Emília Ferreira

wild bodies

Project by Marta Alvim

Folha de Sala / Handout: Cristina Ataíde Under all of This & Marta Alvim Corpos Selvagens

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