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About us

Located in Lisbon, the gallery believes in multi-cultural diversity, thus it works with artists from different origins and generations, introducing them to the Portuguese and international art scene, to their collectors and institutions. The represented artists are very interested in exploring the values of contemporary society, using a wide variety of expressions, from drawing to sculpture, from installation to video, also reflecting on their own cultural heritage.
We present a quality program, marked by the excellent work of the artists, all of them recognized nationally and internationally.

We are interested in curated exhibitions as a means of mediation between art and the public.

In addition, the gallery focuses on coaching. Organizing and making:
- workshops , seminars and guided tours;
- counseling and individual consultancy services for collectors and those who want to be collectors.

The gallery is also distinguished by its strong relations with the center of Europe, especially with Germany, which it has maintained since the beginning, thus enabling a privileged exchange between artists of the gallery and galleries, institutions, collectors and international artists.

The gallery space is located in the city center, at Rua Castilho, between Praça Marquês de Pombal and Amoreiras - in the heart of Lisbon's ' business-district ' - where are located most of the banks and international luxury hotels and brands; as well as it has close proximity to several cultural institutions. In a space of an old 300m2 apartment, the gallery is on the ground floor (at the height of a first floor) of an old art-deco building from the 1940s; with its high plastered ceilings and wooden floor, which escapes the idea of the traditional 'white-cube'.

Galeria Belo-Galsterer was founded in 2012, in Lisbon.
Founders & Directors: Fernando Belo & Alda Galsterer
Director curator: Alda Galsterer

Galeria Belo-Galsterer is a member of EXHIBITIO – Associação Lusa de Galeristas.  

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