(Jesi, Ancona, Italy,1977). The artist lives and works in Lisbon. 


The artist is deeply interested in the great philosophical issues that move the world, from the present or from the past, crossing his research for the meaning of things through his artistic practice, Marasca invests heavily in painting and drawing using unusual materials and practices. Former restorer switched to painting, always traveling for work in Europe, passing through Barcelona, London, Berlin and finally Lisbon. He has his own studio in Lisbon and also collaborates in the atelier of Pier Paolo Calzolari in Lisbon. 


His travels in Europe were punctuated with artist residencies, of which perhaps the most important are: 2015, PIRAMIDON CENTRE D’ART CONTEMPORANI, Barcelona, from 2010-12, AiR Funkhaus Berlin, and still in 2010, he integrated Atelier LA54, Berlin.


His work can be found in different institutional collections, as e.g. the one of the Italian Embassy in the Republic of San Marino; the Italian Art Museum, Bengasi, Libya. His work is also well represented in German, Italian and Portuguese private collections.