Wolfgang Wirth was born 1966 in Innsbruck (AT). He lives and works in Vienna (AT).

In the last few years he has realized solo and group exhibitions in different countries, from Europe (Austria, Germany, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Spain and Switzerland) to the USA.


“His artistic work can be compared to the one of research activity. Painting and the reflected use of painting material does not only create images, but also makes possible the acts of knowledge that are created through our observation, which enrich and change the perception of visual objects.” (Kurt Kladler)


Most recent solo exhibitions were: in 2017, Orte des Sehens, Rabalderhaus/City museum of Schwaz, Schwaz, AUT; in 2016, Territory, Galería Magda Bellotti, Madrid, ES; in 2014, Linha de Sombra- Schattenfuge, with Miguel Branco at Galeria Belo-Galsterer, Lisbon;in 2012; leaping stimuli, St. Claude Gallery, New Orleans, USA and Radikaler Kompromiss, Traklhaus, Salzburg, AUT; in 2011, LBOP #6, Espacio AlCultura, Algeciras, ES. Further important solo shows at Charim Galerie, Vienna, AUT; in 2009 and 2006, Galeria lokal_30, CO;


Group shows we would like to highlight here are in 2017: PARALLEL, Philpmena+, Vienna, AT; Tiempos de Desamparo, Kunstraum Proarte, Hallein, AT; A place in the East, with Miguel Branco and Michael Huey, Gallery João Esteves de Oliveira Arte Moderna, Lisbon, PT; Absolute Duration, Carpe Diem, Lisbon, PT; Tiempos de Alegría - Tiempos de Desamparo, CentroCentro, Madrid, ES; in 2016: Tiempos de Desamparo, ALCultura, Algeciras, ES and in 2015: STADT KUNST INNSBRUCK, Stadtsäle, Innsbruck, AT. Furthermore in 2013: Why Painting Now, curated_by Gürsoy Dogtas, Charim Galerie, Vienna, AT; Für die Fülle, Salzburger Kunstverein, Salzburg, AT; Mitgift, Kunstraum Praline, Leipzig, DE; Zeiten Der Freude, Kulturpunkt, Bern, CH; in 2012: Tiempos de Alegría, Galería Fúcares, Almagro, ES; Death Can Dance, Townhouse, Zurich, CH; in 2011: I had the feeling I had to be there, B.a.d. Foundation, Rotterdam NL and zufällige : geplante Begegnungen, Kunstpavillon, Innsbruck, AT. 

A obra do artista encontra-se representado em várias coleções institucionais austríacas, bem como em coleções privadas alemãs, austriácas, espanholas e portuguesas.


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Wolfgang Wirth

Island # 05, 2018

Acrylic on historical map

37.4 x 34.4 cm

Single Ed.