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01.19 - 03.25.2017

Paperworks IV: Carriers of Ideas

Group exhibition with works by Joseph Beuys, Pedro Calapez, Maisa Champalimaud, Alexandre Conefrey, Marcelo Costa,

João Grama, Rita GT, Mário Macilau, Jorge Molder, Mel O'Callaghan, Pedro Proença, Pires Vieira, Pedro Sousa Vieira

Folha de Sala / Handout: Paperworks IV

06.04 - 31.07.


Exhibition by Alexandre Conefrey


Project by Maria Renee Morales Lam


Projeto de Maria Renée Morales Lam

Folha de Sala / Handout: Alexandre Conefrey & Maria Renée Morales Lam


ARCOLisboawith Alexandre Conefrey, Jorge Molder, Rita GT

09.22 - 11.04.

Return to Earth

Exhibition by Rita GT, curated by Pipi Colonial (Ana Cristina Cachola, Daniela Agostinho, Joana Mayer)


Project by Pedro Sousa Vieira


Projeto de Pedro Sousa Vieira

11.16.2017 - 01.20.2018


Simple tension and compression between elastic limits

Exhibition by Pedro Calapez

Folha de Sala / Handout: Pedro Calapez Tração e Compressão simples... 

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