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RWD: A Midsummernight's Dream Rewind 

We are very pleased to present the first virtual exhibition at Galeria Belo-Galsterer: It is called “RWD: A Midsummernight's Dream Rewind” and it is an exhibition scheduled for 2020 that did not happen because of the SARS-COV-2 pandemic, it is now resumed, notwithstanding or perhaps even because of the continuation of the pandemic and the imposition of a new confinement.


The title of the group show, loosely inspired by Shakespeare's (perhaps more) famous comedy, takes us to the somewhat fantasy world that the English author created in the 16th century: the marriage of Hippolyta, queen of the Amazon, to King Theseus is the main theme; the scenes and sceneries are set between the royal palace and an enchanted forest; the time until the wedding is spent with intrigues of love and staging of plays to be performed on the wedding day itself.


Thus, the main themes are, among others, dream and love. Perhaps what one of the characters says about love - “The course of love never did run smooth” - we can apply to life in general and hope for the best in times of pandemic.


We have prepared an exhibition in a special visualization format, and we invite you to now visit the most recent exhibition at Galeria Belo-Galsterer. For a high definition online gallery visit, please open the slideshow and click on the icon on the upper left corner.

Also, you can enjoy hearing the artists themselves talking about their works.


For more information about the pieces on display, please contact us directly to the email:

Cristina Ataíde (PT);    Paulo Brighenti (PT);    Claudia Fischer (DE);    Rita Gaspar Vieira (PT);    

Renzo Marasca (IT);    Chrischa Oswald (DE);    Wolfgang Wirth (AT);

Cristina Ataíde
Paulo Brighenti
Claudia Fischer
Rita Gaspar Vieira
Renzo Marasca
Chrischa Venus Oswald

Artworks explained by the artists:

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