Teresa Segurado Pavão was born in 1957 in Lisbon, where she lives and works.

The artist made the course of the Antonio Arroio School, Lisbon, and the course of ceramics at IADE. She attended Gisela Santi’s tapestry workshop and the seminaries of the departments of Design, Painting and Jewelry at Ar.Co. Teresa Segurado Pavão teaches courses of Ceramics and Textiles. Created the TP (Author’s Shop) in Lisbon, where she works. She participated in group exhibitions in Portugal and abroad.


Among the solo exhibitions are included: “Tramas e sortilégios”, National Museum of Costume and Fashion; “Tudo o que é sólido se dissolve no ar”, “Tempo de espera” and “A terra é um cadinho onde os minerais amadurecem”, Science Museum; “Segredos e relíquias” , Ricardo do Espirito Santo Foundation and, recently, “3553” at the room of safes, MUDE, Museum for Fashion and Design, Lisbon.


Teresa Segurado Pavão

View of SALA, 2015 (project)

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